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Do your Burst Pipes Need Immediate Attention!

Burst Pipes are a hidden danger for many reasons. Undetected burst pipes can increase water bills and lead to extensive property damage. Known as “Water Damage” this can destroy existing floorboards, damage walls and flood common areas. We can perform leak detection tests, instant repairs, re-piping and new pipe installations.

Common pipe repairs

  • Water and Gas Pipe Repairs
  • Water and Gas Leak Detection
  • Water Hammer Repairs

These simple steps will help you avoid disaster:

Step 1: Turn off the water at the main
Locate your water meter (usually in the front corner of the property) and turn the lever to the off position. This will prevent water flowing to your home or office and protect it from being further affected by water.

Step 2: Turn on taps
Turning on several taps will allow the water still in the system to run out here, rather than through the burst pipe.

Step 3: Call ALL PLUMBING WORKS on 0435723389
While we are on our way, we suggest you clean up the excess water. This will help to minimise damage to your property and the total cost involved. As you clean up excess water, be sure to move your belongings and furniture from the area to protect them.

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