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Do your Burst Pipes Need Immediate Attention!

Burst Pipes are a hidden danger for many reasons. Undetected burst pipes can increase water bills and lead to extensive property damage. Known as “Water Damage” this can destroy existing floorboards, damage walls and flood common areas. We can perform leak detection tests, instant repairs, re-piping and new pipe installations.

Common pipe repairs

  • Water and Gas Pipe Repairs
  • Water and Gas Leak Detection
  • Water Hammer Repairs

These simple steps will help you avoid disaster:

Step 1: Turn off the water at the main
Locate your water meter (usually in the front corner of the property) and turn the lever to the off position. This will prevent water flowing to your home or office and protect it from being further affected by water.

Step 2: Turn on taps
Turning on several taps will allow the water still in the system to run out here, rather than through the burst pipe.

Step 3: Call ALL PLUMBING WORKS on 0435723389
While we are on our way, we suggest you clean up the excess water. This will help to minimise damage to your property and the total cost involved. As you clean up excess water, be sure to move your belongings and furniture from the area to protect them.

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Having a leaking pipe can be an absolute nightmare, especially when they burst. When a torrent of water rushes through your house, there will be expensive repairs needed. If not fixed, burst pipes can destroy roofing and flooring, electrical appliances; create mould and generally wreak havoc. There are many reasons why a pipe may burst, but whatever the reason is, it is imperative to get it fixed as soon as possible. Left untreated, burst water pipes can unleash up to 30 litres of water a minute. This can also go unnoticed for sometime as the water builds up in the roofing, flooring or walls. All of this can dramatically increase your water bill and damage your home or business.

What can cause a pipe to burst?

One of the more common reasons is due to the weather. In freezing cold climates, water can freeze in the pipe, effectively blocking movement. With the pipe blocked, water line pressure builds up, making the pipes weakest point blowout. Sometimes it can even build enough pressure to burst through the pipe wall. In colder climates, pipes are often insulated in an attempt to prevent this happening.

Depending on what the pipes material is composed of, over time the pipe can begin to rust. With any material, over time pipes can begin to decompose. This weakens the structural integrity of the piping network, leaving it vulnerable to leaking or bursting. This is also influenced by the quality of water flowing through the pipes.

Water that runs through our piping rarely comes without some kind of mineral contaminant. This mineral rich water isn’t generally a cause for concern because the levels at which these minerals are present are usually quite low. Overtime however, these minerals can build up in the pipe. This can eventually cause a strong restriction on the water pressure. If the water flow can’t get through unimpeded, the force could be strong enough to burst the piping.  

If the piping hasn’t been installed properly or its joints have come loose, the pipe can eventually rupture. Sometimes if the water pipe is unstable and the water supply is turned off or on suddenly, a “knocking” sound can be heard. This is known as water hammer, and is a sign that the piping should be looked at.  Turning off the water and getting the piping inspected by a professional is suggested.

What Services do ALL Plumbing Works offer?

*General Plumbing

*Emergency plumbing services

*Hot water services

*gas fitting

*burst pipes

*blocked drains

*rainwater systems

*Renovation plumbing

*Granny flat construction

Why choose All Plumbing Works

All Plumbing Works values delivering an honest assessment of the job before providing a free and accurate quote. Certified, registered, licensed and insured, we guarantee a professional service that is reflected in our reputation. We service all around western Sydney, and you can rest assured that we will be there on time and fix the problem to the best of our ability, with no hidden costs.

Need a burst water pipe repaired? Look no further than ALL Plumbing Works for any plumbing repair, drainage or gas fitting jobs you need done. From leak detection to pipe repair and replacement, we aim to meet all of your plumbing needs. Get in touch with us today to organize an appointment, or simply give us a call on 0435 723 389. We look forward to working with you.

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