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 Leaking Taps  

Is your Dripping Tap Keeping you awake at night?

Dripping taps are the number one cause of water wastage, a dripping tap can waste 24,000 litres of water a year! The steady drip of a tap or two can be enough to keep some people awake at night, save your money and your time, and have your taps serviced as soon as possible. If your tap is dripping, it is best to have them serviced or replaced quickly, as the drip indicates the tap has become old and worn, and the leak could get much worse very quickly. Leaking or dripping taps cost you money, as the amount of water lost can add up considerably over a period of time. If you turn off the tap ever more tightly, you are delaying the inevitable as the washer is just being further damaged by over tightening.

All Plumbing Works is here to Help. 

Common Tap repairs we service

  • All types of Tap Leaking Issues
  • Tap Washer Replacements
  • Taps that won’t turn
  • Old, rusted or Broken Taps
  • Installation of New Taps
  • Noisy Taps
  • and much more

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