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How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet?

Having a fully operational toilet is a must for the home. Even if your toilet works just fine, you might want to replace it as part of your home improvement project. Some of the most common reasons why people call us to replace an existing toilet are:

  • The toilet is old.
  • The bowl is an uncomfortable or awkward shape.
  • They are remodeling their bathroom.
  • They want a more energy and water efficient model.

Some of our customers want a new toilet installed with a pressure balance or mixing valve, so hot water doesn’t overwhelm the shower when the toilet is flushed. Installing a new toilet can affect your finances, and your happiness with your bathroom remodel project. On average, a toilet replacement job will cost around $370. But the cost of your project can vary significantly depending on the type of toilet you get. All Plumbing Works offer toilet installations with a variety of toilet bowls and toilet suites. Below, we’ll go over in more detail the factors influencing toilet installation cost.

What are some of the biggest factors that influence the cost of toilet replacement or install?

If you need a licensed plumber to install your new toilets, and then dispose of the old one, or if you have any special, high tech requirements, your installation cost will be higher. Installing multiple, high-tech toilets will also run up the final bill. The style, model or type of toilet will be the single most significant factor influencing the installation cost of your project.

What are the most common toilet styles?

Toilets typically come in two styles – round bowls and elongated bowls. Toilet suites with the cistern hidden inside the wall are also becoming more popular with today’s homeowners, too.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Toilet?

Round toilet bowls are a great choice if you have a smaller bathroom. These types of toilets are the most affordable option and are suitable for homes with small children.

Elongated toilet bowls take up more space in the bathroom. But they offer higher water pressure and excellent flushing action to the smaller, round toilet bowl. Many homeowners find elongated toilet bowls more aesthetically pleasing, but they are more expensive to install than a round bowl.

Toilets with a hidden cistern where only the pan is visible are incredibly modern and sleek. They take up the least amount of room out of all these options. However, they are the most expensive.

Should you get a one-piece or two-piece design?

Toilets that come in a two-piece design, with separate tanks and bowls, are a cheaper option. They are also easier to move, but harder to clean. A one-piece toilet design is much easier to clean, but harder to lift and move, and will cost a little more than a two-piece toilet.

What should you know about toilet efficiency?

Before you contact a licensed plumber for a toilet repairs or replacement, it’s a good idea to consider different flushing mechanisms, and how they impact the toilet’s efficiency. There are ratings given to toilet models that can help you determine if the toilet will be efficient. The WELS rating will tell you if the model is a water efficient model or not.

Most toilets run on a gravity fed, dual flush system. The WELS rating will tell you how much water is used for each flush. A higher rating equals a more water-efficient model. Dual-flush systems are best for conserving water. They come with full, or partial flush options for disposing of either solid or liquid waste.

No-flush or waterless toilets work for when you need portability, or the toilet is for a site that doesn’t have plumbing access. These systems usually offer composting options for even greater eco-friendliness. Eco-friendly, efficient toilet models will not only save water, but they’ll also save money when it comes to the costs of other utility bills too. Installing an efficient toilet can lower the overall cost of your project.

If you’re unsure of what type of toilet model you want to install, contacting a licensed, professional plumber with experience with remodels can help you narrow down your options and your costs. At All Plumbing Works, we can not only install toilet plumbing fixtures, but we can also do bathroom remodels, too. Contact us online or call us today for a free, no-obligation estimate on your toilet installation project. Call All Plumbing Works on 0435 723 389.

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