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Top Reasons Not To DIY Plumbing

With the rise in popular DIY home improvement and design shows, doing a complicated project yourself can be a rewarding experience. Making something with your hands, or beautifying your home yourself is often addicting. You might think you can easily branch out from simple paint and refurbishing jobs to more complicated electrical or plumbing work. But the thing is, a complex plumbing job requires a license, specialised knowledge, and years of experience to perform correctly, and safely. The plumbing fixtures and plumbing system in your home are not for aesthetics. They are crucial to the function and safety of your house. Here are the top three reasons why you shouldn’t participate in DIY plumbing jobs.

1. You need the right pipes.

There are hundreds of different types of pipes, valves, and connections that make up a plumbing supply system. Can you name just a handful of those, or how they are supposed to be used? Putting these pipes and other fixtures in your home requires a licensed plumber. Putting the wrong pipe in the wrong place can result in leaking taps, problems with the water supply, or even create a potentially dangerous situation if you put an incorrect valve or connection on a gas fitting. Different plumbing materials will react differently to the watering system or when certain substances flow through them. Corrosion can also happen if you have the wrong size valve or connection installed. Leave this up to a licensed plumber so you can avoid clogs, busted pipes, or water pressure issues from an incorrectly placed pipe.

Gas Fitting - Top Reasons Not To DIY Plumbing

2. You don’t know the plumbing codes.

Plumbing is a serious business and is subject to a variety of different codes. A licensed plumber will have the right compliance certificates in place to correctly lay sewer lines, install hot water tanks, a gas water heater, and more. The plumbing system isn’t just for your convenience and comfort. The home’s water supply is crucial to the property’s health and value. It supplies you and your family with clean, fresh water that is fit for consumption, bathing, and washing. It carries dirty, contaminated water away from the house, so no one gets sick.

Before the advent of indoor plumbing and safety codes, millions of people died every year from unsafe drinking water and sewage seeping into homes. This system is so vital to the health of society that strict plumbing codes are in place. You can easily violate these codes and risk your family’s health if you engage in a DIY plumbing job. Do this, and you can be subjected to a hefty fine on behalf of the city or local government. We’ve seen enthusiastic DIY plumbers put in incorrect vents, the wrong plumbing drain, or try to supply the home with rainwater tanks. Water contamination issues can result, and these are messy and potentially dangerous to get cleaned and fixed. Our licensed, professional plumbers at All Plumbing Works are up-to-date on local and city plumbing codes, and we have an extensive understanding of how to correctly lay and install plumbing. When you call us to fix plumbing, you’re guaranteed a compliant job well done.

3. You lack the expertise of an experienced, professional plumber.

Plumbers like the team at All Plumbing works have years of experience and training in the field. The average Sydney homeowner does not possess the knowledge and expertise required to safely and adequately install plumbing. We quickly diagnose a plumbing problem without resorting to trial and error, which is often the case with a DIY plumber. Plus, we have at our disposal an array of high-quality tools that can help us quickly get the job done. Many of the tools you need for a complex plumbing job aren’t even sold in home improvement or hardware stores and have to be specially ordered.

Plumbing is a complex job, and it is sometimes difficult, even for the most experienced plumbers. When you try to go it alone as an ambitious DIY homeowner, a lot of problems can happen. When you lack the expertise, training, and tools to get the job done right, you might even cause an issue that you’re not aware of until an expensive leak or other plumbing mishap takes place. Calling our licensed and knowledgeable plumbers first will save you money in the long run.

For all your gas fitting and toilet repairs, get in touch with All Plumbing Works by calling 0435 723 389 today.

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